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Municipal Court > Fines and Violations


Listed are some of the most common motor vehicle offenses along with their applicable fines. If the offense is NOT listed below, or it occurred in a 65MPH Zone, Construction Zone or Safe Corridor, please contact the Municipal Court to determine the payable amount or the court date for a non payable offense. All penalties are inclusive of fines and costs.

Title 39:OffensePenalty
39:3-4Unregistered Vehicle$54.00
39:3-29Failure to Exhibit Docs**$180.00
39:3-33Unclear Plates$54.00
39:3-66Maintenance of Lamps$54.00
39:3-76.2fFailure to Wear Seatbelt$46.00
39:4-81Failure to Observe Signal$85.00
39:4-85Improper Passing$85.00
39:4-97Careless Driving$85.00
39:4-129Failure to Turn$85.00
39:4-144Failure to Stop or Yield$85.00
39:8-1Failure to Inspect$130.00
39:8-4Failure to Make Repairs$130.00
39:4-98Speeding Exceeding by:
1-9 MPH$85.00
10-14 MPH$95.00
15-19 MPH$105.00
20-24 MPH$200.00
39:4-138IFire Hydrant$54.00
39:4-56.6Private Property$55.00
39:4-138MDouble Parking$54.00
39:4-138DBlocking Driveway$54.00
39:4-138E25 Feet from Crosswalk$54.00
39:4-138H50 Feet from Stop Sign$54.00
126-62Alternate Side Parking$35.00
126-11Snow Emergency$200.00
126-32Overtime Meter Parking$20.00