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Shovel Out Our Seniors Program

Help shovel snow for Rutherford Seniors this Winter!

The Borough of Rutherford is seeking volunteers again this year to participate in the Shovel out Our Seniors (SOS) Program.

This Mayor’s Wellness initiative is seeking adults/children over 13. Please help our Senior residents and help us satisfy the demand for this program by calling the Office of the Borough Clerk at 201-460-3000, ext. 3100, to sign up yourself or sign up your teenager.

Volunteers will assist Rutherford Senior Citizens who do not have relatives living in the Borough by shoveling after a snow event.

This program is being offered to assist seniors of limited means who do not have friends or relatives able to assist with snow removal. This program is staffed exclusively by volunteers and is limited by the number of volunteers available. The service is limited to the front sidewalk, front steps and a path. It is not offered as a service for clearing cars, driveways or multiple entry points into the home.

Thank you!