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Rainwater Workshop 10/9

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Rutherford GREEN TEAM Sponsored Event

Learn how to save Rutherford’s waterways!

Want to find what you can do about the flooding and pollution caused by poorly managed stormwater?

Come to a free, one-hour workshop presented by the Rutherford Green Team -Tuesday, October 9th at 6:45 p.m., the Rutherford Public Library, 150 Park Avenue, Rutherford NJ.

Dr. Chris Obropta, Extension Specialist for Water Resources at Rutgers University, will present a workshop titled “Keep the Rain from the Drain,” at 6:45 p.m., Tuesday, October 9 at the Rutherford Public Library, 150 Park Avenue. The workshop will focus on what Borough of Rutherford and individuals can do to help capture stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces (like roads, driveways, rooftops, and parking lots).

Dr. Obropta will explain about the benefits of rain barrels, rain gardens, pervious pavements, cisterns, and other means of reducing stormwater runoff. He will also discuss the green infrastructure feasibility study that has been completed for Rutherford and some of the potential projects that have been identified.

Those interested are asked to respond to the post on the Green Team Facebook Page so that adequate space can be made available.