Aplications to be appointed to a Borough committee are submitted at the end of each calendar year. These applications are forwarded to the Mayor and a Council Subcommittee for their consideration. Official appointments are made by the Mayor at a Council meeting, typically in January of each year.
2024 Committee, Board and Commission Descriptions

Boards and Commissions

2024 Board and Commission Meeting Schedule

Boards and Commissions are strictly governed by by-laws and require minutes and agendas. Their regular meetings are open to the public.

Board of Adjustment

Board of Health

Civil Rights Commission

Library Board

Local Assistance Board

Planning Board

Rent Board

Shade Tree Commission

All Board & Commission Minutes & Agendas

Advisory Committees

Advisory committee meetings are not subject to the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) as no formal action takes place and therefore are not required to be open to the public.

Arts Committee - Council Liaison: Matthew Cokeley

Focused on advancing the visibility of arts in Rutherford by providing platforms and programs for music and visual arts.

Access for All Committee - Council Liaison: Stephanie McGowan

This committee, comprised of members who are either persons with disabilities, parents of a child with a disability, a resident family member who is the caregiver of a person with a disability, or Borough residents seeking opportunities to help those with disabilities, is charged with providing opportunities for greater unity across the borough through identifying and addressing barriers within the Borough’s borders for residents with disabilities.

Data and Analytics Committee - Council Liaison: Matt Cokeley

An exploratory committee to determine the feasibility of data collection and analysis that can help inform decisions made within the Borough and promote evidence-based governing. By analyzing large data sets, the committee could alert the governing body to trends and outliers potentially useful for grants and other programs

Green Team - Council Liaison: Christie Del Rey-Cone

The Rutherford Green Team’s primary mission is to lead and coordinate the sustainability activities of the community. Specifically, we advise the Borough Council and develop initiatives and projects that contribute to the long range sustainable development of the Borough of Rutherford and beyond.

Historic Preservation Committee - Council Co-Liaisons: Maria Begg-Roberson and Ray Guzman

The objective of the Historic Preservation Committee is to educate the community about what value historic preservation offers to maintain the character of neighborhoods as reflected by the architecture and aesthetics. Furthermore, the Committee advises any borough board or agency of the historic nature of a property should demolition or construction be proposed.

The Historic Preservation Committee meets the 1st Monday of each Month at 7:30 p.m. If interested in attending a meeting, kindly email: ruthefordhpc@gmail.com for information.

Municipal Alliance/Youth Advisory - Council Liaison: Stephanie McGowan

The Rutherford Municipal Alliance is comprised of parents, students, teachers, law enforcement, religious leaders, and other community stakeholders to focus on efforts to help the children of Rutherford understand the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Municipal Alliances are local planning and coordinating bodies established in all 21 counties to assess needs, set priorities, develop plans and implement programs that form the foundation of New Jersey’s substance abuse prevention activities. New Jersey’s Municipal Alliances provide over 3,800 prevention programs statewide

Recreation Advisory Committee - Council Liaison Maria Begg-Roberson

The Recreation Advisory Committee meets monthly to discuss issues pertaining to Recreation. The committee meets with coaches and coordinators before the season to ensure proper preparation and after the season to reflect on what needs improvement and what we can build upon.

Stigma-Free Committee - Council Liaison: Stephanie McGowan

To help make people who live with mental illness feel less isolated.

Streetscape Committee - Council Liaison: Mayor Nunziato

A committee devoted to the aesthetic preservation and economic development of Rutherford businesses.

Volunteer Committee - Council Liaison Susan Quatrone

The vision of the Rutherford Volunteer Committee is to provide every resident the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the betterment of Rutherford. How? By making volunteer opportunities available & accessible in order to bring the community together.