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Blood Bank Drive 11/4

November Blood Drive Will Pay Tribute to Barbara Bennett

Rutherford Community Blood Bank Annual Fall Drive

November 4, 2019

3 to 8 PM

55 Kip Center (located directly next to the municipal parking garage)

55 Kip Avenue, Rutherford

Barbara Bennett’s legacy will be honored at the November 4 blood drive of Rutherford Community Blood Bank scheduled for 55 Kip Center from 3 to 8 PM.

There was nothing fancy about Barbara. As busy as her family, friends and community kept her, the way she went about her life was simple. Each day was an opportunity to make people happy, especially her husband, Jim, and their three children. “She was the most amazing mother—or Madre, as we called her,” said Keri Bennett Romano. “She provided us a life full of unconditional love. She wanted for nothing more than for us to be happy.”

An abundant desire to share her love extended to Barbara’s volunteer and professional activities, which included a thirty-year tenure with Rutherford’s Department of Recreation, of which she became director. Her distinctive brand of caring was particularly heart-felt when it came to the town’s children, for whom she arranged many events and programs. “My mother could be excited for ANY kid in town to accomplish ANYTHING, and she knew everyone and loved them all,” said son Ryan Bennett. “I can’t count the number of times she would pass someone in the car or walking and see a parent with a child that she knew and would be so excited to catch up and see how they were doing.”

Barbara’s hallmark was giving out of the goodness of her heart. “I believe my mother would like to be remembered best for the number of people that she helped altruistically,” said son Jimmy Bennett.

She was enormously proud of her family, which grew to include four grandchildren, a source of exceptional joy. Barbara’s affection for the work of Rutherford Community Blood Bank was personal. Husband Jim has been a loyal donor for decades. “My mom shared with me that the blood bank wanted to honor my dad,” said Keri. “She was so proud of him and all that he accomplishes by donating. I think it’s just something that my parents have always done, helping others whenever you can.”

Giving blood in Barbara’s name is a fitting tribute, said Kathleen Mathieu, blood bank chairperson. “Blood donors are generous people, and each donation makes a difference. That’s what Barbara Bennett was all about.”

Visit or call 201-251-3703 for more information, including eligibility guidelines.

For your convenience, pre-registration is recommended but not required. Visit for available appointments.