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Letter From The Mayor - Tree Nursery

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December 1, 2016

Dear Resident:

A recent news article in a local media source and then further amplified on social media incorrectly, reported that the Borough was “saying goodbye” to its tree nursery. On behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to correct the record and unequivocally state that the tree nursery is under our jurisdiction and that we have no intention of doing away with it.

The genesis of this story stems from a recent Shade Tree Commission meeting during which the Commissioners discussed that containerized trees were more economical to plant than the nursery trees and engaged in some general discussion regarding nursery maintenance and the types and the number of trees planted. Some other ideas to help sustain the nursery better were discussed as well, like possibly allowing residents to purchase trees grown there or using some portion of the nursery space as a teaching area. At no time has any member of the Commission recommended that the governing body “say goodbye” to the tree nursery.

Our Shade Tree Commissioners have provided invaluable assistance to the Borough by drastically improving the maintenance of our tree canopy. Residents can rest assured that the members of the Commission and the Governing Body recognize that the tree nursery has been and remains an important asset for the continued beautification of our Borough of Trees.


Joseph DeSalvo, Jr.


Borough of Rutherford