Please click on an item below to download the appropriate form and return to the Borough Clerk’s office.

Banner - Over Park Avenue – Rutherford Community Organizations can apply to have a banner installed over Park Avenue at Donaldson Avenue for community events. Applications will be reviewed for timing availability. It is advised that the organization wait to receive approval before having the banner constructed. Application and banner specifications attached.

Block Party

- Block Party Application

- Block Party Policy

Business Permits: Temporary Outdoor

Construction/Zoning Permits

Dumpster – If you need to place a dumpster on the street or driveway, a permit is required at the cost of $25.00 for 15 days. If being placed in meter spaces $25 per day, per meter.

Employment Application

Event Coordinator Packet

Firearms Applications - Handled by Rutherford Police Department.

Film Permit – Borough Ordinance requires permits when filming within the Borough.

Garage Sale – You are allowed to hold three (3) garage sales per calendar year and must phone the Clerk’s Office to register the sale. A garage sale is defined as the selling of used household items. There is no fee.

Handicapped Parking Request

Hold Harmless Agreement

Landlord Identity Registration Form - Required to be filed with the Borough Clerk and distributed to tenants in single unit dwellings and in two unit dwellings that are not owner-occupied.

Limousine License – Certificate to obtain “o” license from Motor Vehicle available only to a business based in Rutherford with a Certificate of Occupancy. Fee is $50 per car, insurance policy and proof of ownership required.

Liquor License – Renewed yearly – 4 club licenses and 10 store licenses. Application process in compliance with Alcohol Beverage Control Commission requirements.

Memorial Park Bench Sponsorship Application

Mobile Storage Unit (POD) – Maintenance of container must meet requirements of Ordinance # 3126-06. Storage units must be legally parking in compliance with NJ Motor Vehicle laws. Fee $25. If being placed in meter spaces $25 per day, per meter.

OPRA – Public Records Request – A request for a copy of Public Records should be submitted on the form which has been adopted by the Municipal Clerk as the Custodian of Records. Some records will be immediately available during normal business hours. Some records will require time to compile and to make the copies requested, but will normally be available during business hours and within (7) business days. If any document or copy which has been requested is not a public record or cannot be provided within the seven (7) business days, you will be provided with a response with that information within the seven (7) business days. Some records requested have specific fees or other response time established by statute. There is no fee involved in simply inspecting a document during normal business hours.

Parking Lot Permits

Parking Payment Coupon

Parking Meters – May be reserved for purpose of construction job or moving van in the business districts. Meters are $25 per day per meter.

Resident Parking Permits

Raffle Licenses - A Guide To When You Need A Permit

- 50/50 Cash Prize Application and Merchandise Prize

- Off-Site Merchandise Sample Ticket (Required with Application)

Pet Licensing - Handled by Rutherford Police Department.

Serve Beer Wine in Playgrounds and Recreational Areas

Sidewalk Repair Reimbursement Application

Social Affairs Permits – Issued to non-profit organizations. Must be applied for at least 21 days prior to the event date to be submitted online. NOTE - If you are applying for this permit less than 21 days prior to the event date, you must submit a paper application at least 14 days in advance.

Apply online to the State here

Solicit for Charitable Purposes – Permit required for charitable organizations to fundraise in the Borough. Application with required documentation must be provided with a $10 fee.

Solicitor Permit – Applicants must complete background checks and authorization from the Mayor & Council is required.

Street Opening – Permit required to cut into any roadway. Certificates of Insurance with a $5,000 deposit for maintenance due at time of application required. $100 new opening or $45 for a repair.

Taxi Cab License – Required for every taxi cab. Application, insurance policy and proof of ownership required with $100 fee per year.

Taxi Driver License – Required for taxi cab drivers. Application $10, fingerprinting is required. Towing License – Operators must be licensed by Borough for a one year license in accordance with regulations of Ordinance. Fee is $750 per year.

Video Game and Amusement