Residential Certificate:

For a residential Certificate of Zoning Compliance certificate (previously Certificate of Occupancy) please fill out the following form and submit with $100 payment (check made payable to “Borough of Rutherford”. Residential Certificate of Zoning Compliance Application and Requirements (Includes Transfer of Title). Once form is received, inspections will be scheduled. Once all inspections have passed the Certificate will be issued no sooner than 48 hours after sign-off.

Commercial Certificate:

For a commercial Certificate of Zoning Compliance please fill the following form and submit with two separate payments of $30 and $200 (check made payable to “Borough of Rutherford”.) Commercial Certificate of Zoning Compliance Application.

NOTE: Applicant MUST specify if any construction will take place. Once form is received it will be reviewed by the Zoning Official and the Bureau of Fire Safety. Once reviewed and use group/occupancy code is approved any inspections will be scheduled.