Department of Health

Located in Municipal Annex
184 Park Avenue

Contact Info

phone: 201-460-3020
fax: 201-460-3021


Department Head: Jennifer Galarza, Health Official, Registrar of Vital Statistics
Mary Montoto, Secretary/Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics
Janet Calhoun and Therese Hoff, Public Health Nurses

Health Department
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We provide mandated public health services to the community.

The Rutherford Health Department is mandated under State Statute as outlined in “Public Health Practice Standards Of Performance For Local Boards Of Health In New Jersey” to provide a public health program to the residents of the Borough of Rutherford. These public health services are comprehensive and designed to promote and to protect the health and safety of our residents.

Under State Statute and outlined in more detail under Chapter 16 of the Borough Code, the Rutherford Board of Health was created on May 17, 1901 and consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Governing Body and serve three year terms. Said Board possesses all of the powers conferred and perform all the duties enjoined upon local Boards of Health in accordance with NJSA 26:3-1, et seq.