What to do with trash, recyclables & hazardous waste.

Rutherford Recycles - A List of What Is and Isn’t Acceptable

What To Keep Out Of Your Recycling Bin

Additional Recycling Information from Bergen County

Recycle Drop-Off

Saturday drop-off is available at the DPW garage, 220 Highland Cross between 9AM – 1PM.

Items that may be dropped off are:

  • vegetative waste
  • comingle / recyclables
  • all paper / cardboard products

Curbside Pick-Up:

Garbage / Trash is any non-recyclable waste material generated in the home. It should only be placed in the Borough issued automated green cart. Note: any item outside the cart will not be collected.

Single Stream Recyclables - ALL Recyclables # 1, 2 and 5, aluminum & tin cans, and all paper & cardboard) shall be placed together in the Borough issued automated blue cart. See guide. Do not wedge cardboard into container as the automated process does not pull the items out. Note: any item outside the cart will not be collected.

Tires – Contact your local tire dealership or auto service provider.

Stumps/Logs (NO DIRT) – Pre-scheduled collection, call the DPW for appointment @ 201 460-3000 x 4000

Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) www.bcua.org – check for disposal schedule and all proper disposal procedures. Or call the Bergen County Utilities Authority at 201 807-5825. Items such as: Paints, Anti-freeze, Motor Oil & Filters, Pesticides, Fluorescent lights, Mercury switches, Drain cleaners, Bug sprays, and Batteries. All types, Propane Cylinders, Varnishes, Glues and Gasoline.

Heavy Trash – All non-food items / bulk waste are all a scheduled pickup. Call the DPW at 201 460-3000 x4000

E-Waste – Curbside scheduled pick-up on Thursdays. Items collected are Computers, TV/VCR, Laptops, Printers, Speakers, DVD, Cell Phones, Keyboards, Monitors, Printers, & Speakers. Call the DPW to schedule a pickup at 201 460-3000 x4000.
Or you may drop them off at the Bergen County Utilities Authority in Moonachie, 5 days a week! Check their web site for information (www.bcua.org) or call 201 807-5825

Medications – Should not be disposed of as household waste or flushed. The Rutherford Police Department holds semi-annual Take Back days to collect all expired medication and prescription drugs. See www.rutherfordboronj.com/departments/police/additional-services/ or call 201-939- 6000 for dates and further information.

Confidential Papers - The DPW hosts an annual shredding event performed by a bonded and insured shredding company. This service is generaly in June but check the borough calendar for specific date and location

Christmas Trees – Place curbside the month of Jan on your Vegetation Day. (DO NOT PLACE IN PLASTIC BAGS)

Vegetative Waste – The bi-weekly collections will include grass, yard waste and brush. Brush must be bundled in 4 foot lengths and all loose material must be placed in open containers or biodegradable paper bags. (DO NOT PLACE IN PLASTIC BAGS)

Leaves & Yard Debris – BIODEGRADABLE Paper Bags or place in containers to be picked up bi-weekly on your vegetation day.

Clothing and Textiles - Donation bins are available at Memorial Field Parking lot (2 Darwin Ave). Please do not leave items outside of bin.

SOURCE REDUCTION – Residents can contribute directly to the reduction of solid waste by using the “Cut It and Leave It” approach to grass and purchasing items in bulk quantities that do not use excessive packaging material.