The Maples (106 Park Ave)

Map of 106 Park Ave

Location: 106 Park Ave

Project Type: Residential with retail space

Project Status: Completed

The completed Parker is a 52 unit, residential building with retail space and onsite parking.

The project now referred to as The Parker began in 2003 as the Maples Rehabilitation Area.

Long-time Rutherfordians will remember “The Maples” as a large boarding house that had become an eyesore and a source of illicit behavior.

Activity on the site stalled a few times over the years with the death of the original developer, followed by the housing bubble and the Great Recession. Eventually with all structures removed, the designation as a rehabilitation area was inaccurate. After further study it was designated a Redevelopment Area in 2017. The Parker was completed in 2019.

Below find documents detailing the history of 106 Park Ave:

106 Park Redevelopment Study and Preliminary Investigation Report

106 Park/The Maples Plan for Rehabilitation Area

106 Park Ordinance

106 Park Redevelopment Agreement

Financial Agreement

Application for Tax Abatement