Borough Hall will close at 3pm Friday, May 24th in observance of Memorial Day and reopen Tuesday, May 28th

Rutherford Shade Tree Commission Recommended List of Shade and Ornamental Street Trees

Small Trees for under power lines:

Grow no greater than 30’ tall at maturity

Acer Buergeranum—Trident Maple

Acer Tararicum—Amur Flame Maple

Amelanchier Grandiflora—Serviceberry Single Stem

Cercis Canadensis—Redbud

Crataegus Inermis—Thornless Hawthorne

Prunus Serrulata—Ornamental Cherry, Okame, Kwanzan, Yoshino

Pyrus Calleryana—Ornamental Pear, Cleveland Select, Aristocrat, Redspire, Chanitcleer

Syringa Reticulata—Ivory Silk Lilac

Medium Trees 30’-40’ tall at maturity

Aesculus x Carnea—Horsechestnut

Acer Plataniodes—Norway Crimson King Maple

Carpinus Betulus—European Hornbeam

Cladrastis Kentukea—Yellowwood

Gleditsia Triacanthos—Thornless Honeylocust

Large Trees: Over 45’ Tall at maturity:

Acer Rubrum–Red Sunset, Autumn Blaze, October Glory

Acer Saccharum—Sugar Maple

Ginkgo Biloba (male only)—Maidenhair Tree

Quercus Rubra—Red Oak

Ulmus Americana—American Elm, Valley Forge, Bosque,

Zelkova Serrata—Green Vase